Business Cash Management

    During any given business day, your schedule is probably packed with meetings and handling day-to-day tasks. Our cash management services let you delete running out to the bank from your itinerary.

    Directly handle employee payroll, make loan payments, manage vendor payments, complete ACH transfers, and more — all available via one convenient online portal.

    • Easier, more efficient control over company finances
    • 24/7 control over comprehensive account information
      • Direct deposit of employee payroll
      • Complete wire transfers and ACH transfers
      • Make loan payments
      • Manage vendor payments around the clock
    • Cut down on repetition; save time and reduce errors in accounting
    • Streamline recordkeeping
    • Positive Pay- A service that matches the account number, check number and dollar amount of each check presented for payment against a list of checks previously authorized and issued by the company. The customer essentially uploads a check register to online banking every time they write a check and BancPac automatically checks the assigned parameters before a check can clear a customer’s account. If any of the items do not match an alert is sent to the customer and the check is put on hold for the customer to review.
    • Payroll Cards- A referral source for employers. These cards will allow direct deposit for employees without a bank account and work in the same way as a debit/credit card. Cash advances are available. Employers will be able to log into a website to activate new cards and make deposits.
    • ACH Origination- Online electronic funds transfer. This is commonly used for payroll direct deposit and vendor payments.
    • Quickbooks Direct Connect- For customers that utilize Quickbooks, this will automatically update all of their banking transactions every time they log into Quickbooks. It eliminates the need to download files from the bank site and upload to the Quickbooks site.
    • Wire Origination- Customers can skip the trip to the bank and enter their wires directly through Online Cash Management. We have authentication procedures in place and duel control options if needed.
    • Business Credit Cards -Visa branded Business credit cards. We have low interest, rewards, cash back, and employee cards available. Rewards include statement credits, gift cards, airline miles, products, services, donations, and vacations. Credit cards are recommended for businesses to use instead of a bank debit card for major and online purchases because of the Zero Fraud Liability*. 
    • Analysis Account- Customers with high transaction volume and/or are using bank services and products will have fees reduced by an earnings credit they earn on deposited funds each month. 
    • CCX- Remote scanners installed on the customers computer at their business location. This helps reduce the cost of paying an employee to make a trip to the branches and reduces lost time. Funds are generally available the same day as the deposit.

    *Card issuer Elan Financial Services provides Zero Fraud Liability for unauthorized transactions.  Cardholder must notify Elan Financial Services promptly of any unauthorized use.  Certain conditions and limitations may apply.