Commercial Capture Xpress

    There are only so many hours in a business day — maximize those hours with the help of Commercial Capture Xpress. This easy-to-use scanner lets you deposit checks without having to leave the office.

    Eliminate time-wasting trips to the bank and watch your company’s balance grow.

    • Deposit checks electronically into your business accounts, 24/7*
    • Utilizes a desk scanner and internet access
    • Simply sign, scan, then send checks to the bank for processing
      • Checks converted to an electronic image that is then securely transmitted to the bank
    • Same day credit up to 3 pm CST; realize funds quicker, accelerating cash flow
    • Save resources for other business needs:
      • Save time with fewer trips to the branch
      • Reduce cost associated with trips to the branch
    • Consolidate checks from multiple locations
    • Activity reports available to view and download
    • Reduce the risk of check fraud by eliminating the circulation of paper checks
    • Fast, secure and easy to use

    *Remote Deposit is subject to approval and requires a contractual agreement. The Remote Deposit product does have hardware & operating system requirements. Please contact your local branch office for additional information.